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Colloidal Silver -- 22 PPM

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Colloidal Silver has many potential healthful benefits, including:

Genuine Colloidal Silver

20 - 25 PPM of IONIC Silver by volume

May be used internally or externally

Used to treat a wide variety of viral, bacterial and fungal issues

Sold here as one 5ML bottle + one empty spray bottle
Colloidal Silver (CS) has been used a 'front-line' health curative for thousands of years. 
Looking back into the historical writings and oral tradition about health in the Europe, Asia, and the Middle East ... the records relay that the military, as well as affluent individuals in Europe, Greece, Rome, Asia and Persia ...used silver, in any number of various forms and applications ranging from silver ore, silver plate, beads, shavings, or silver coins to help repair from cuts, tears, abrasions and various other injuries. 
Similarly, affluent citizens who kept a stock of silver coin, plate or refined silver in their homes used various forms of the silver in their alcoholic drinks, wine and on foods to keep them from spoiling too fast. The 'free ions' that naturally form on the silver's surface and migrated through the surface of silver pieces and silver coins onto the food or skin of a person ...would attack the pathogens attempting to grow there ...slowing or destroying their reproductive ability while also making them much more vulnerable to the individuals own antibodies, T-cells and lymphocytes. 
Interestingly enough, in addition to the STRONG pathogenic properties of silver...modern testing on CS shows a growing body of data for it's use as a potent anti-inflammatory and recently has shown some promise in the role as an anti-cancer agent too. The results on these last two roles... as an anti-inflammatory and HeLa cancer research component are very preliminary and are in secondary testing even as we report these initial successes.   
Back on the food preservation thing: While we know it works well in this role... we suggest you not try the 'silver-coins on a left-over hamburger or fajitas' experiment at home please. The ancient cultures that used the plate and coins to preserve their food and wine undoubtedly had digestive tracks and immune systems that were adjusted and tuned to the' bacterial load' of their times. On a personal note...we at NA have tested CS' as a 'spray on preservative' on fruit and vegetables to inhibit mold and mildew and have had a fair amount of success in slowing or preventing the growth of these blights on the select fruit and vegetables in our refrigerator and potato bin. 
Usage: CS has long been recognized thousands of years for it's strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Also, being that it has no known toxicity (see the National Institute of Health notes below) and it's single known adverse effect is cosmetic only (see note on Arygia) folks who have experimented with CS have discovered a boat-load of uses for its pathogenic repressing properties. To make this section easy to digest ...CS's applications can be divided into two categories:
Internal and Topical
Topical Use: CS has been employed successfully against a wide index of pathogens.
Being that CS is comes principally as a light-bodied liquid, it can be sprayed on skin, hyde, people, animals, vegetables, fruits, doorknobs, toilets, conter-tops, floors... anywhere that germs, virus' or fungus could lurk and cause trouble. Application can be accomplished by wiping; dabbing (with q-tips) dousing, painting or spraying on just about any surface of the body; surface on equipment; skin of food. 
Caution: Do not use in the eyes without consulting a primary care person. As eyes are super-delicate sure to follow their instructions explicitly.
In addition to the water based uses listed above, some folks have added CS to vegetable oils or essential oils to aid in absorption and to increase it's 'staying power'. Some have tinctured it with alcohol to give it a 'second layer of protective ability' (use grain alcohol) or to double-up on it's germ killing abilities.  
It is currently a grass-roots remedy used to control infection in wounds; applied to warts to kill fungal outbreaks or viruses that may be causing the warts, used on cysts; in-grown nails, tooth infections, and scaly scalp) to inhibit these sites from growing bacteria, viruses and fungi.
It has now been established that only IONIC Silver (ONLY Ionic Colloidal Silver) can kill or disable the bio-reproduction in upwards of 650+ kinds of bacteria AND it is speculated by scientists from a range of professional specialties (biochemistry, medicine, virology, pathology, etc.) that CS can PROBABLY KILL many hundreds or even thousands of other kinds ..but has not been tested against them.
It does require a substantive investment to 'do the science' on the testing of drugs and chemical and few manufacturers are willing to invest money into products they cannot trademark and make an exceptional margin on.
Internal Use: In additional to topical application, many cultures around the world ingest small amounts of Colloidal Silver as a daily supplement (usually about a teaspoon / 15ML a day) as a 'preventive' to suppress and destroy bacteria and viruses that may be trying to gain a foot-hold in their system. The folks that follow this concept believe that by circulating a small amount of this potent anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal in their systems ... one may effectively suppress most or all the bad germs and viruses in their system ...keeping them killed-back or in a too weakened state to make the individual ill.
The United States government, speaking and acting through the National Institute of Health (NIH) and other government and private agencies has researched silver preparations and found them to have value in preserving health and preventing or killing harmful germs and viruses and have not been established to be toxic or harmful to humans. Please see the references below. 
In addition to confirming many positive aspects of use of CS, researchers at Rice Universities' BioScience and BioEngineering departments have confirmed the potency of Colloidal Silver as a bactericide, viruscide and fungicide. They have offered some of the very latest in research on the potency of CS ... and in their studies recognized that 'only ionic colloidal silver kills bacterias, viruses and fungi'. See Rice University 'Colloidal Silver study 2012'. 
Nature's Abundance is familiar with the scientific research conducted at Rice University (a top-tier research university that has two alumni who have won Noble Peace prizes) and thus Natures' Abundance has ALWAYS PRODUCED COLLOIDAL SILVER's following the guidance from the expert counsel from the BioEngineering and BioChemistry Departments at Rice.
Below are a few references from top-tier research organizations, validating the numerous healthful benefits of Colloidal Silver. 
References Below
The U.S. National Institute of Healths Library of Medicine various organizations referenced below represents the largest and most exhaustive list of peer-reviewed medical data in the world. At the time of this writing their are over: 4.4 million medical documents; 4,344 Select Journals; 328 NIH Portfolios and 2,029 full participation scientific journals.  
U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM).
U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH)
National Center for BioTechnology Information
National Library of Medicine (NLM)
PubMed (Acronym for Public Medical Line)
Critical Review in Toxicology. The summary states is that silver has not been established as toxic to humans. 
The link above is from the PubChem national public database on chemicals and chemistry. This is a scientific listing of the physicall data available on silver. Included is the government statement that Silver, known scientifically by its atomic weight 107.868 g/Mol. and taxonomic abbreviation Ag+ . is not known to be toxic. 
International Journal of Nanomedicine. 2014 May 16;9:2399-407. doi: 10.2147/IJN.S55015. eCollection 2014. 
The link above is an abstract on the medical uses of nano-silver in medicine. The article surveys the multitude of positive applications for nanosilver in medicine. Colloidal Silver is form of nanosilver.
  • International Journal of Molecular Science. Article discusses advances in molecular science and gives targeted attention to CS and it's efffect on cancer cells. 

NASA says silver is an effective purifying agent ... 

Even though the FDA frowns on the use of Colloidal Silver as a personal bactericide in the U.S., the FDA has no jurisdiction regarding the use of silver in space. Both U.S. astronauts and Russian cosmonauts will now be taking advantage of ionic silver as a closed-system water purifier. Keeping water sources clean and sterile is understandably challenging in space and all methods of having a consistently safe and clean supply have been investigated. The fact that silver is now the primary method of keeping astronauts water supply safe says a lot about its therapeutic potential.
As ISS sub-systems manager Layne Carter puts it, "Due to widespread growth in the use of colloidal silver as a bio-cidal agent, development of a simple and cost efficient method of silver water purification is valuable," admits NASA on its website. "On station, silver is used as a bio-cidal agent based on its anti-microbial properties in the potable water system."
As there remains a continuing debate regarding any long-term toxicity of silver -- NASA is supporting research into toxicity tests that 'give NASA and the ISS team rapid, reliable results'. The U.S. side of the ISS will continue to produce iodine purified water as a back-up for the silver water system. ~
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